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Furukawa Review No.25

Applying a Numerical Simulation Technique to the Design of WDM-Pumped Raman Amplifiers, and Methods for the Automatic Determination of Pump Powers

Koji Fujimura, Atsushi Oguri, Takeshi Nakajima, Yoshihiro Emori, Shu Namiki and Misao Sakano


In the design of Raman amplifiers, it is necessary, with such characteristics as pump wavelength, pump power, signal power given, to arrive at a numerical prediction of the corresponding output signal power, Raman gain, noise figure, multipath interference, etc. Further, if the values for pump wavelength and pump power that are required to obtain the various target characteristics can be obtained, the efficiency with which the Raman amplifier can be designed is significantly increased. This paper first describes the numerical simulator used to estimate amplifier characteristics. It then proposes a Raman amplifier structure that gradually increases the number of pump wavelengths, and applies the numerical simulator to its design. Finally it discusses a technique for predicting the pump power to be applied in order to obtain the desired values of output signal power and Raman gain.

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