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Furukawa Review No.25

A Highly Nonlinear Fiber Module and its Application to the Generation of Ultra-High Repetition-Rate Sub-Picosecond Optical Pulse Trains

Koji Igarashi, Hideaki Tobioka, Shinji Kuroki, Ryo Miyabe, Jiro Hiroishi, Masanori Takahashi, Takeshi Yagi, Osamu Aso and Shu Namiki


Work is going forward on examining the efficacy of highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF) with respect to various types of highly nonlinear optical devices, and on developing modules. Studies on the adaptation of HNLF to the generation of ultra-high repetition-rate sub-picosecond optical pulse trains, one of its applications, have demonstrated the efficacy of HNLF with respect to generating 160-GHz 0.8 ps ultra-high purity soliton trains using comb-like dispersion-profiled fiber (CDPF). An HNLF module having a conveniently usable configuration has also been developed. Studies have also been carried out on applying this module in subsystems, and its efficacy with respect to optical delay circuitry and all-optical regeneration has also been demonstrated.

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