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Furukawa Review No.25

Low Power Consumption Multimode Laser Diode Module for 900-nm Band (915~975 nm)

Naoki Hayamizu, Jun Miyokawa, Yuichiro Irie, Shuichi Tanaka, Yasuo Oeda, Tsuyoshi Fujimoto and Yoshikazu Ikegami


A low power consumption multimode laser diode module (MM-LDM) for the 900-nm band (915~975 nm) has been developed for use in material processing and measurement systems.
This LDM has advantages over conventional modules in terms of higher power, smaller size and lower power consumption. In this paper, we report how improvement of the characteristics of the 900-nm band MM-LDM with a standard 14-pin butterfly package was achieved by increasing the power conversion efficiency of the laser diode chip and the optical coupling efficiency with multimode fiber, and by optimizing heat dissipation design.

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