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Furukawa Review No.25

An Optical Fiber Cable System for HDTV Cameras

Takashi Narimatsu, Tatsuo Sekiguchi and Hiroyuki Sekino


The content of programs for terrestrial digital broadcasting that started in the fall of 2003 in Japan is produced according to the high-definition (HD) standards. Therefore the information transmission speed significantly increased than in the conventional standards, necessitating adoption of optical fiber for TV camera cables. Moreover, the cable was required to have high resistance against flexure and twist, unprecedentedly high for optical fiber cables. In response to such a requirement, the authors have developed, after various investigations, a TV camera cable with high durability. With respect to optical termination box, which is an indispensable component for optical fiber connection, they have also developed a new termination box provided with high usability and small footprint.

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