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Furukawa Review No.25

A Chip Antenna for cdmaOne Mobile Phones

Shoichiro Hirai, Naoya Arakawa, Takahiro Ueno, Hiroki Hamada and Koichi Kamei


Mobile phones, one of the representative mobile electronic equipment, are beginning to be installed with such functions as mailing and imaging as well as transmission and reception of moving pictures. Installation of such additional functions inevitably requires downsizing and weight reduction of constituting parts in order to maintain the weight and volume of existing equipment. With respect to the whip antenna that is extensively used conventionally, it has been pointed out that the antenna occupies much space in the casing thus placing design restrictions. To solve such a situation, Furukawa Electric has developed an ultra-compact, high-performance, built-in chip antenna for the 900 MHz band, which can be used as a main antenna for code division multiple access (cdmaOne) mobile phones. The antenna features the use of a high-performance resin material for its dielectric, and it has been confirmed that the antenna has superior mass productivity and long-term reliability.

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