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Furukawa Review No.25

Development of the Furukawa Digital Assembly System to Support the Design of Wire Harnesses for Automobiles

Kazuhisa Asai, Yuuki Obata, Ayako Naiki, Yoshitaka Sasaki, Yutaka Matsuda and Kazushi Terasawa


We have developed the Furukawa Digital Assembly (DA) system to support the design of automobile wire harnesses (HIT system and FDA system). The DA system enables a great reduction in manhours for design, number of prototypes, and manhours for production preparation by utilizing 3D-CAD information from client automobile manufacturers linked to our present wire harness production design system. The key features are: (1) automatic determination of the branching direction on the assembly and/or jig board, hereinafter referred to as the production board and of the fitting direction of parts in the application of strain analysis technology; (2) layout support adjusted to the size of the production board; (3) examination of production board workability; (4) examination of operational workability; (5) productivity validation of the wire harness production line (process design); and (6) configuration calculation of the fitting condition of the wire harness to the vehicle.

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