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Furukawa Review No.25

Development of a 500-kV DC XLPE Cable System

Satoru Maruyama, Noboru Ishii, Michihiro Shimada, Shinji Kojima, Hideo Tanaka, Mitsumasa Asano, Tetsuya Yamanaka, and Shin'ichi Kawakami


This paper describes development work on an XLPE cable system for HVDC lines, together with the results of pre-qualification (PQ) tests. XLPE material in which there is no space charge accumulation was applied for the DC extruded cable, and the factory joint was constructed by extrusion molding. In long-term (1-year) tests carried out on the DC XLPE cable system developed here no breakdown occurred, and those samples passed to the impulse test superposed on DC voltage after long-term test.
It was confirmed that the DC XLPE cable system developed here passed PQ tests conforming to CIGRE recommendations and had performance adequate for HVDC transmission lines.

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