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Furukawa Review No.26

Steel Tape-Armored Polyethylene Pipe for Gas Transmission (II) -Development of Mechanical Fitting-

Tomoaki Takeuchi, Akira Takahashi, Hidenobu Nakai, Yoshiyuki Makino, Kenichi Ishii, Kozo Imai and Tetsuo Inoue


A mechanical end fitting for steel tape-armored polyethylene pipe for gas transmission has been developed, together with the pipe --a flexible, earthquakeresistant pipe suitable for long-distance installation. The basic structure of the end fitting adopted a sealing scheme that was applied to conventional pipes including steel pipes for gas transmission and low-pressure polyethylene pipes, placing particular emphasis on developing a structure that enables secure clamping of the steel tape reinforcement layer at the end, and on ease of assembly in a short time. This report presents the design of the end fitting, along with the results of various performance evaluation tests.

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