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Furukawa Review No.27

Development of High-Power Large-Sized Peltier Module

Toshiki Sakamoto, Yasuhiro Suzuki and Takeshi Hirasawa


With the progress of electronic and communications equipment in recent years toward higher mounting density and higher speed, greater importance has been attached to countermeasures against the heat generated in the equipment. Peltier device, an electronic cooling device, has expanded applications in the market taking advantage of its active, spot cooling capability. However, it was difficult conventionally to realize a large-sized Peltier module because of its inferior resistance against thermal stress. The authors have recently developed a 70-mm-square Peltier module provided with superior stress resistance, which is aimed at solving the problem of the limited size of conventional modules and thereby responding to the needs for high-power, large-sized Peltier modules. In the future, the authors intend to develop its applied products as well as to expand applications in the market.

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