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Furukawa Review No.27

Development of High-Performance Heatsink "Crimped fin"

Hajime Noda, Masami Ikeda, Yuichi Kimura and Kenya Kawabata


As the heat generation of CPUs steadily increases with some bumps and detours in recent years, there is an urgent requirement for the thermal performance of heatsinks. Since the requirement includes many conditions with respect to the volume, cost and environmental issues as well as noise reduction, it is often difficult to use high-performance heatsinks of remote type or Peltier devices, thus resulting in the use of a heatsink of conventional type. This paper discusses the advantages and limitations of the so-called Crimped fin heatsink that belongs to the conventional type of heatsink, in which copper or aluminum heat-dissipating fins are mechanically bonded onto a base plate of either copper or aluminum. A brief description of the development and some application examples of Crimped fin heatsinks of new configuration will also be included.

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