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Furukawa Review No.27

Development of Heatpipe-Based Remote Heatsinks for Desktop PCs

Takahiro Shimura, Hajime Noda, Mamoru Shimada and Yuichi Kimura


Recently the heat generation rate of electronic devices continues to increase, reaching as high as 100 W for CPUs in desktop PCs. Since conventional cooling methods are coming close to performance limits due to the restriction as to the outer dimensions allowed for heatsinks, there is a need for new cooling methods focusing on high-heat generating devices --in excess of 100 W. Accordingly, we have investigated the applicability of a new heatpipe-based remote heatsink (HP-RHS), where heatsinks with a sufficient heat-dissipating area are installed in an open space, and the heat is transferred there using heatpipes.
The experimental results show that, using an HP-RHS with a 120-mm square fan, a heat rate of up to some 150 W can be dissipated adequately while keeping the temperature difference between the CPU case and the ambient below 30°C. This paper describes the successful development of such a good heatsink, which is capable of cooling over-100W heat-generating devices offering practicality together with silent operation.

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