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Furukawa Review No.27

Thermal Design Simulation Software "HIEROH"

Naoki Kimura and Akira Hideno


Heatsinks are frequently designed specifically for the equipment to which they are to be applied. In addition to a trend toward shorter development periods for equipment that incorporates heatsinks, it has become more common to consider cooling capacity from the earliest stage of overall equipment design. This has led to a need for faster thermal design.
In the past reliance has been placed on very simple manual calculations or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs such as the finite volume method, but all of these present problems in terms of low accuracy, difficulty of use and length of calculation time.
As part of our "total thermal solution" extending from the design to the product, Furukawa-Sky has developed the HIEROH thermal design software that is quicker to use.
We also propose spread efficiency as a design guideline for optimization.

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