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Furukawa Review No.31

Development of New Field-Installable Connectors for FTTH

Mitsuhiro Iwaya, Koji Seo, Hideki Miyazaki, Naoya Nishimura,Nobuhiro Nanri, Naoko Shimoji and Masahiro Hirao


Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services have achieved wide penetration in recent years, and seem likely to grow even faster in the future. Thus, in the process of servicing subscribers' homes with fiber to provide optical internet access, there is a growing need for shorter work times and lowering requirement for expertise in installation personnel. Specifically in the splicing process--whether mechanical or fusion--it is necessary to handle the excess lengths of fiber that remain after splicing and this has been a time-consuming process. Another problem arises from the need, at the time of service changeover, to cut fibers and then repeat the installation process. In an effort to solve these problems we have developed optical connectors that can be joined directly to drop cables and indoor cables at any point from the aerial closure to inside the subscriber's premises, in several types according to the location in which they are used.

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