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Furukawa Review No.32

Underground Power Cable, Distribution Cable, Overhead Transmission Line, Industrial Cable and Their Accessories

Furukawa Electric, VISCAS, Inoue Manufacturing, Asahi Electric Works, Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable
Shinji Umeda , Noboru Ishii , Noriaki Horiguchi , Makoto Maeda , Takumi Yamaguchi , Hideo Tanaka , Hiroshi Niinobe , Takehiko Mizuno , Satoru Maruyama , Kunio Iwasaki , Hiroyuki Majima , Shigekazu Amanuma , Hideki Kamiyama , Masaji Tokita , Shingo Oya , Hiromichi Shigeta and Hiroji Akasaka


In the area of electric energy, recent years have seen expanding deregulation of electric utilities, heightened consciousness about secured supply, the global warming problem and the like, which lead to significant changes in the environment surrounding the electric power industries. Thus, Furukawa Electric has been promoting technological developments on the premise that safety and security is the first priority, concentrating on preservation of the global environment and supply of new products that are lean, compact and economical. In this report, technological achievements of the Furukawa Electric Group comprising Furukawa Electric, VISCAS, Inoue Manufacturing, Asahi Electric Works and Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable are presented on a categorized basis.

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