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Furukawa Review No.34

High-Density Multi-Fiber Connectors for Optical Interconnection

Naoya Nishimura , Katsuki Suematsu , Masao Shinoda and Masato Shiino


As the performance limits of electrical transmission become apparent in such equipment as servers and routers, optical interconnection technology is drawing attention. Furukawa Electric has been developing, in anticipation of application to optical interconnection, optical high-density multi-fiber connectors. In this paper, compact multifiber ferrule µ-Joint is presented, along with MU-type plug and backplane connector, both based on µ-Joint. The µ-Joint has a cross section about one quarter that of conventional MT ferrule, so that it allows for high-density mounting with a low insertion loss of 0.5 dB or lower. Tests in conformity to Telcordia GR-1435-CORE have been carried out to confirm that the ferrule has high long-term reliability.

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