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Furukawa Review No.35

Linewidth Controlled 50-W Output Polarization Maintaining Fiber Laser

Akira Fujisaki, Naoto Yoshizawa, Yoshihiro Emori, Keisuke Tominaga, Kanji Tanaka, and Jun Nishina


Optical fiber amplification technology, which had made vast progress in Erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) for communication applications, has recently increased dramatically its optical output at the 1.0-µm wavelength by means of cladding pumping techniques using Ytterbium (Yb) doped fibers. As the fiber laser technologies including optical parts for fiber amplifiers and pumping semiconductor lasers have advanced year by year, fiber lasers have developed into superior laser oscillators in terms of controllability in wavelength, linewidth and state of polarization, as well as of output power. This paper reports on the basic configuration of fiber lasers, discusses their wavelength and linewidth control, and presents the characteristics of a polarization-maintaining fiber laser of all-fiber configuration that has achieved an optical output of 50 W at 1083-nm wavelength.

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