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Furukawa Review No.35

Development of Low VOC-Emission Products and Analyses of Emitted VOCs and Aldehyde

Fumiha Aoki, Kenji Iizuka, Mariko Wakae, and Atsushi Higashiura


There is worldwide demand to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as toluene and xylene as well as aldehyde such as formaldehyde. These compounds are emitted from building materials, vehicle cabin components, or home appliances, and cause ahealth hazard.
We have attempted to reduce VOC and formaldehyde emission from our product line-up related to building materials, automotive, electrical, and electronic equipment. This report introduces our product developments for low VOC emission, sensitive analyses through the collection and concentration of emitted VOCs and aldehyde in the respective product groups, and a simplified VOC analysis at the development stage. In addition, we mention the grasped points of these analyses.

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