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Furukawa Review No.38

Development of the New Fusion Splicer Series S123/S153/S178

Junichi Kazama , Takeshi Nagao , Fumihiro Yabe , Seiryo Mishima , Hisanori Yonenaga , Norifumi Yamazaki , Tomohiro Akiyama , Yoshihide Nakayama , Satoshi Nagao , and Shoichi Yoshinaga


As the transmission volume of information increases in the 2000s, wavelength multiplexing in optical communications has been implemented along with the upgrading of the communication speed. Such advancement has made optical fiber fusion splicers one of the essential industrial equipment for the implementation of the communication networks and the manufacturing of optical components. Also, in the non-communication fields present in sensing technology using strains in optical fibers and laser technology for power transmission, the use of optical fiber is rapidly growing. The fusion splicers are used in these non-communication fields as well.
In light of this, we have been developing new fusion splicers with sufficient performance and functions to meet requirements from the special market segments in response to customers' needs. Simultaneously, we have been developing new products that provide superior robustness required from all market segments.
Recently we have developed, around the same time, seven models of fusion splicers in three series - namely S123, S153 and S178 in addition to our mainstay product of direct core monitoring type. We have thus been successful servicing all of our customers in the different segments by providing them with a range of applications with a state-of-the-art technology of Furukawa Electric.

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