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Furukawa Review No.40

Development of Cu-Sn Alloy Plating with Superior Excellent Sliding Characteristics and Corrosion Resistance

Kazuo Yoshida , Shuichi Kitagawa , Kengo Mitose , Kyota Susai


As a matter of consideration of plating materials for automobile terminals, we made a sample in which a Cu-Sn diffusion layer was exposed to the surface. We evaluated its anti-fretting characteristics, its corrosion resistance, its coefficient of friction, its solder wettability. As a result, when compared to the conventional plating materials with Sn on its surfaces, the material with the Cu-Sn diffusion layer (Cu-Sn alloy plating) showed much superior anti-fretting characteristics. Also, it met or exceeded its capabilities of coefficient of friction and corrosion resistance has sufficient performance for practical use. Its solder wettability was a little inferior to the conventional ones, though.

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