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Furukawa Review No.40

Development of the FBT Laser Module with Adhesive Bonded Structure

Maiko Ariga , Toshio Sugaya , Toshio Kimura , Kazuyoshi Akizuki , Yasuo Nakajima , Yoshihiro Arashitani


To get a high performance and a high reliability, we had improved the miniaturization of modules and components on the FBT laser module, and then bonding these components with resin adhesive becomes essential to allow flexibility of its design. However, with respect to the usage of organic resin in the sealed package, outgas deposition in the optical components becomes a concern. Then, conducting analytical experiments which applied in the cases of high temperature condition over long periods or checking the existence of uncured resin, we proved that the deposition does not influence the reliability and it becomes possible to use resin adhesive. According to this result, we have developed the FBT laser modules which use the resin adhesive to bond the components, and achieved the high performances such as lower power consumption of 24% and higher optical output power of 15%.

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