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Furukawa Review No.41

Development of Optical Wiring Technology for Optical Interconnects

Mitsuhiro Iwaya, Katsuki Suematsu, Harumi Inaba, Ryuichi Sugizaki, Kazuyuki Fuse, Takuya Nishimoto, Kenji Kamoto


We had developed elemental technologies for optical interconnects for its application in next generation high performance data server and others. To achieve complicated compact wiring, low loss and high reliability, we applied the small diameter and bend insensitive fiber, ThreadWave. We had also developed the optical connector housing which can be space-reduced and of high-density connection in anticipation of its combination with electrical wiring, achieving 3.2 times higher of connection density over conventional ratio. We had also simplified the assembling method of connectors with the goal of cost reducing and we had confirmed that, with the easy-assembled connectors, the optical characteristics required for the high-speed transmission could be maintained. We had developed an experimental model of blade server structure which is assembled of these elemental technologies, and achieved an installation of 2000-fiber-channels with the same size as the conventional electrical wiring.

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