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Furukawa Review No.45

Determination of Additives in Polymeric Material by Pyrolysis-GC/MS/FPD Analysis

Kenji Iizuka


Polymeric materials include various additives according to the demand characteristics required. It is important to conduct the qualitative and the quantitative analysis of these additives for the purposes of the product design and the quality control. On the other hand, the demand characteristics of polymeric materials have become more sophisticated and complicated in recent years, leading to the improvement and the development of additives, thus, increasing the number of cases where the conventional technology is not sufficient for the analysis. Through the usage of pyrolysis-GC (Gas Chromatograph)/MS (Mass Spectrometer) /FPD (Flame Photometric Detector) system with purged splitter installed at the end of the column during the analysis of additives in polymeric materials, which enables the simultaneous detection through MS and FPD, we were able to more easily identify the additives which included phosphorus and sulfur in their structure, as compared with the conventional pyrolysis-GC/MS method. Consideration to the determination of the precision was also given, and it was found that the results were better than those using MS detectors.

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