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Furukawa Review No.45

A Study on Partial Discharge Phenomena of Winding Wires

Daisuke Muto, Makoto Oya, Tsuneo Aoi, Takahiro Ueno


Partial discharge inception voltage (PDIV) in the 50Hz AC sine wave voltage has been evaluated and the influence of the environmental condition and the shape of the winding wire give on its mechanism have been considered. Also showing the effect of the thicker insulation and the lower permittivity by using the twisted pair insulated with various materials, the validity of the PDIV estimated by the model computation has been explained. Also, it was confirmed that the PDIV of the twisted pair at the temperature of 25-230ºC reduces as the temperature increases and it has been shown that the dominant factor is the spark voltage of the air and the temperature dependence of the permittivity of the insulating material. Further, it has been verified that the PDIV of specimen combined with rectangular wires reduces significantly at a 95% relative humidity and that the ionic contaminant on the wire surface is one of the main factors.

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