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Furukawa Review No.45

Development of a Sophisticated Double Layer Insulated Electric Wire for Railway Rolling Stocks

Junya Hirano, Yuka Sawada, Dai Hashimoto, Saki Ooto, Kazuo Yamashita


We have developed a sophisticated double layer insulated electric wire for railway rolling stocks, which has a thin wall and a high mechanical strength. For an electric wire used in railway rolling stocks, thinning of the insulation thickness is required to make the diameter of the electric wire smaller. Even though polyolefin is commonly used as the insulation material of the general-purpose electric wire which is used for domestic railway rolling stocks, if the insulation is simply made thinner, the values of its mechanical strength such as its abrasion resistance and its cut-through property becomes weak, therefore various manipulations are given on the materials. The authors have considered for ensuring the reliability not only of the materials but also of the structures and have developed the sophisticated double layer insulated electric wire which is using a high-strength polyamide for the outer layer. This electric wire has more or equivalent mechanical strength with its half of the insulation thickness when compared to a general-purpose electric wire, and a successfully improved safety. Here, we describe the characteristics of this electric wire.

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