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Furukawa Review No.45

Development of Lightweight Fire-resistant Putty

Hidenobu Mochigase, Yutaka Suzuki, Eiji Miki, Shota Mitsumune, Yoshihiko Ohba, Yukihiko Inoue


For the fire protection measure method of cables and through-holes of wall and floor (closing the openings), it is necessary to use the fire-resistant materials from the viewpoint of fire regulations. However, because the fire-resistant putty which is commonly used has large specific gravity and is heavy, the need of lightweight putty is very high from the viewpoint of carrying and workability during the construction. Therefore, the fire-resistant putty “DANSEAL-KP” which achieved a significant weight reduction and has half the weight in comparison to the conventional one has been developed. As a fire protection measure method at the various penetrations of wall and floor, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certificate of the fire-resistant property defined in the Building Standards Act has been obtained.

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