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Furukawa Review No.45

Development of a Halogen-free Insulation Material for Overseas Railway Rolling Stock Lightweight Electric Wire

Hiroki Chiba, Masaki Nishiguchi


Electric wire for overseas railway rolling stocks is requiring a high abrasion resistance, in addition to a vertical flame resistance, a high heat resistance and a high temperature oil resistance, to withstand vibration and other conditions experienced during railway operation. On the other hand, a thinning of the wire insulation materials is desired for further reduction in weight of railway rolling stocks. Generally, engineering plastic is used as an insulation material, but it has issues with its flexibility and its wire stripability.

Using general-purpose polyolefin as a base material for the insulation material and adopting our own technique of polymer materials this time, we have successfully developed a halogen-free insulation material which is also superior in flexibility and in wire stripability, in addition to characteristics equivalent to those of the engineering plastic, and which is reduced its thickness compared to conventional electric wire, and therefore can achieve a reduction of approximately 15-35% in weight.

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