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High-Power Multi-Port Optical Amplifier[OA-BASE]


JIS/EIA rack mountable Multi-port [8/16/32/64 port] optical amplifier for VIDEO and DATA transmission applications.

High-Power Multi-Port Optical Amplifier[OA-BASE]
Item Specifications
Optical Input Power +0dBm[Typ.]
Number of Optical Output Port 4/8/16/32
Optical Output Power +11.5/13.0/16.0(*1)/20.0(*2)dBm
Output Monitor Conector SC-APC [8° angle]
Optical Output Variation <±0.5dB
Noise Figure <5.5dB[@Pin=0dBm, λ=1550nm]
<6.5dB[6.0dB typ.]@Pin=7dBm, λ=1550nm
External Control Interface SNMP/Web/Telnet/SW
Power Supply/Power Consumption AC100V±10% or DC48V
Dimensions OA-Base/8:483[W] x 88.5[H] x 400[D]mm[Except for projection]
OA-Base/16:483[W] x 88.5[H] x 400[D]mm[Except for projection]
OA-Base/32:483[W] x 132.8[H] x 400[D]mm[Except for projection]
OA-Base/64:483[W] x 177.0[H] x 400[D]mm[Except for projection]

(*1) 4/8/16/32 port, (*2) 4/8/16 port

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