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Optical Amplifier [High End]


Optical Amplifier for high speed data transmission.

Optical Amplifier [High End]
Item Specifications
Optical Interface Input Wavelength 1530 to 1562nm
Number of wavelength DWDM [100GHz spacing]
Optical System Pre-amp + Boost-amp
Input/Output Port Pre-amp(input level, output level),
Boost-amp(input level, output level),
Optical Input Power Input:-20.5 to +1.5dBm Total [-20.5 to -14.5dBm/ch]
Optical Output Power Max.22dBm Total [6dBm/ch]
Flatness =<1.2dB [@40ch, with EDF heater]
NF 8.5dB @-20.5dBm/chx40ch, interstage loss 9.0dB, 21dBm (Total Optical Power)
Output Control AGC/ALC/ACC/APC
STM/Control External Control Interface SNMP/TELNET/WEB/SW
Alarm Optical Input ALM, Optical Return loss, Optical output ALM, LD current, LD temp ALM, POW ALM, FAN ALM, etc.
Status Monitor Optical input POW [Stg-1,2], Optical reflect POW[Stg-1,2], Optical output POW[Stg-1,2], LD current, LD temp, etc
Control Optical output on/off, OPT ALM value

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