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TS Multiplexer for terrestrial broadcast signal


This is TS Multiplexer unit.

TS Multiplexer for terrestrial broadcast signal


TS Multiplexer for MPEG2-TS of HDTV and SDTV. This module available for output of SI signal.

Application HD/SD-TV MPEG2 encoder unit OFDM modulator
Item Specifications
TS Input section Input signal DVB-ASI
Maximum transmission rate 29.162Mbps[188byte]
Input connecter BNC[75Ω]
Number of input port 7 port
RF Input section Input signal ISDB-T
Receive channel 90 to 770MHz, 1ch
Input connecter F[75Ω]
number of input port 1 port
TS Output section Output signal DVB-ASI
Transmission rate Broadcast TS:32.5079Mbps[204byte]
Multichnnel TS:31.644Mbps[204byte]
Output connecter BNC[75Ω]
Number of output terminals 1 port
Power Supply/Others Power Supply DC+24V [from sub-rack : FH-MF-1011A]
Dimensions Encoder unit:44.5[W]×400.0[D]×288.0[H]mm
Joint unit:44.5[W]×45.5[D]×278.0[H]mm
Mass Encoder unit:<3kg
Joint unit:<1kg
Current Use <700mA

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