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Optical Receiver


Optical receiver for video signal.
JIS 1U size, high performance.

Optical Receiver
Item Specifications
Input Received Wavelength 1.31/1.55µm
Optical fiber 1.31µm SMF, SM 10/125µm
Optical conecter SC-SPC or SC-APC[8°angle]
Optical input level -2dBm [max +2dBm]
Optical modukation Direct Amplitude Modulation
Input Transmission Frequency 70 to 770MHz
RF Output Level 93dBµ[Typ.]
Impedance/Connector 75Ω/F-type
Number of RF Output Conecter 1
Number of Carrier NTSC 74ch + Digital:220MHz
Perfomance Output level control 0 to -6dB
CNR(dB) *1 >51dB
CSO(dB) *1 <-60dB
CTB(dB) *1 >-65dB
Alarm/Status Monitor Optical input ALARM LED[red] ON when optical input power -10dBm.
Input level monitor connecoter 1V/1mW
ALM Optical input level, POWER

*1) OMI=4.0% Optical input power -2dBm

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