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Ultra Wide-band optical transmitter


Optical transmitter for ultra wide-band RF signal. CATV, BS-IF, CS-IF.
70 to 2150MHz

Ultra Wide-band optical transmitter
Item Specifications
Input Transmission Frequency 70 to 770MHz, 950 to 2150MHz
Number of Carriers
[70 to 770MHz]
Analog:11ch, Digital:80ch
[950 to 2150MHz] 24ch[BS-IF, CS-IF]
RF Input Level
[70 to 770MHz]
Analog:86dBµV, Digital:76dBµV
[950 to 2150MHz] 86dBµV
Output Optical Device DFB-LD
Optical Output Wavelength 1550 to 1560nm
Optical conecter SC-APC[8°angle] , SC-SPC #informed us
Optical Output Power / Port <+9dBm±1dB
Perfomance Flatness <±2.0dB[70 to 770MHz], <±3.0dB[950 to 2150MHz]
CNR[dB]*1 >46dB[70 to 770MHz], >26dB[950 to 2150MHz]
CSO[dB]*2 <-60dB[70 to 770MHz]
CTB[dB]*2 <-60dB[70 to 770MHz]
IM3[dB]*2 <-58dB[950 to 2150MHz]

*1) Optical Loss Budget : 17dB
*2) Optical Loss Budget : 11dB

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