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STL/TSL WDM Transmitter


Optical transmitter for 10-200MHz IF signal.
QAM,PSK,and CDM transmission available.
Compact design 3U spacing for EIA/JIS rack.

STL/TSL WDM Transmitter
Item Specifications
Tx[FH-OT-500xC] Rx[FH-OR-500xF]
RF Input/Output Power Signal format QAM, OFDM, PSK, NTSC/VSB-AM
Transmission Frequency 10 to 200MHz
Number of Carriers 1ch
Impedance/Connector 50Ω/BNC[female]
RF Input/Output Power -13dBm -10dBm[Typ.]
Optical Device Optical Output Wavelength 1557.36nm to 1551.72nm
[ITU G CH25-CH32]
Received Wavelength - 1.5µm
Optical Output Power <+9dBm±1dB -
Optical Input Power - -16dBm[Typ.]
Optical fiber 1.31µm SMF, SMF 10/125µm
Optical conecter SC-APC[8°angle][Typ.]
Optical modukation Direct Amplitude Modulation
Perfomance VSWR <1.5
Flatness <±2.0dB
CNR[dB] *1 >28dB

*1) Optical Loss Budget : 25dB

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