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DWDM External Modulation Optical Transmitter


Externally modulated 1550 nm DFB laser transmitter for electrical to optical conersion of multichannel CATV signals like AM-VSB, FM and QAM signals.

External Modulation Optical Transmitter
Item Specifications
Input Transmission Frequency 70 to 770MHz
RF Input Level 80dBµV[Typ.]
RF MON level/connecter -20dB/F type
Optical Output Wavelength 1550 to 1560nm
[ITU-grid:CH23[1558.98nm] to CH33[1550.92nm]]
Optical Output Wavelength Variation ±100GHz[50GHz step]
Optical Output Power/Optical Output Port +8.5dBm[Typ.]/2ports
SBS Adjustment +13 to +19.0dBm available [0.5dB step]
Perfomance RF Return loss >15dB
RIN <-158dB/Hz[-160dB/Hz[Typ.]]
CNR(*1) >50.0dB
CSO(*1) <65.0dB[without NO2 port in Link3]
CTB(*1) >65.0dB
Others Control port Ethernet 10/100Mbps interface, WEB

(*1)OMI=3%/ch, 7pA/Hz, NF[AMP] 5dB
TX - EDFA+13dBm - SMF52km - EDFA+13dBm - SMF52km - RX[0dBm]

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