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Closure with Built-in WDM Filter


PLC technology, VIDEO & E-PON FTTH systems

Closure with Built-in WDM Filter
Item Specifications Note
Wabelength 1310/1490/1550nm  
Insersion Loss <12.1dB P2P3[1310mm]
<12.1dB P3P2[1490mm]
<12.1dB P3P1[1550mm]
Isolation >25dB P3P1[1310mm]
>33dB P3P1[1490mm]
>9.5dB P3P2[1550mm]
Dimensions 105[W]×70[D]×865[H]mm

P1 port : Video Port,P2 port : Data Port,P3 port : Common Port
PLC : Planar Lightwave Circuit

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