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Optical coupler

FWM coupler series

Small unit type.EIA 3U sub-rack type.

FWM coupler series
Item Specifications
Optical Fiber Single Mode Fiber
Optical Connector SC/APC
Optical Adapter SC type and Angled PC [8 angled] with Safety Shutter
Model 2div 4div 8div 16div
FWM201-1x2xx FWM201-1x4xx FWM301-1x8xx FWM301-1x16xx
Number of Split 1×2
[3 system]
[2 system]
[1 system]
[1 system]
Insersion Loss[dB] <4.3 <7.8 <11.5 <15.0
Number of Occupation Units 1 2
Number of Occupation Slot with "FH-MF-1102A" 16 Units [when [1x2] or [1x4] or [1x8]splitter]
[EIA30 3U]
W480×H132×D271.5mm[Except for projection]

*SPC is possible.

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