High-Performance Foam for a Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Society

"Antiviral 'Skill-free Evacuation Mat V'" That Are Easy to Use and Offer Peace of Mind for Everyone

Furukawa Electric developed the world's first chemically cross-linked foamed polyethylene sheet "FOAM ACE" utilizing the polyethylene cross-linking technology of power cables. Furthermore, foam products may give the impression of being vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, heat, and deformation, but the foam we developed has various features such as heat resistance, weather resistance, and flame resistance, and has been used in a wide range of applications.


  • "FUNEN ACE" certified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as offering fire resistance for roofs for 30 minutes
  • "TAIKO ACE" with improved weather resistance for outdoor roofing applications
  • "Fire-resistant foam" which exhibits high flame shielding and heat insulation performance due to thermal expansion and prevents damage from the spread of fire

As a product that expands possibilities for materials by devising new materials, bubble structures and manufacturing methods

  • "EFCELL" non-cross-linked polypropylene sheet with low foaming ratio which is light yet rigid and durable, and is used for applications such as stationery
  • "MCPET" ultrafine foamed PET with excellent reflective performance for energy-saving lighting

Also, by using our processing technologies (lamination, profile processing, first-surface decorating, etc.), we are developing products for the sports market such as karate mats and yoga mats, and products for the automobile market such as air ducts.

"Antiviral 'Skill-free Evacuation Mat V'" That Are Easy to Use and Offer Peace of Mind for Everyone

In recent years, many disasters such as earthquakes, and flood damage caused by torrential rain and typhoons have occurred in various parts of the country. Many evacuees in the affected areas have been forced to endure cold, hard floors. Recognizing the urgent need to improve conditions at evacuation centers, Furukawa Electric applied our foaming technology to develop the "Antiviral ‘Skill-free Evacuation Mat V’". This mat has features to meet the various challenges of shelters.

  • Antiviral performance of the mat surface.(Note1)
  • It mitigates the coldness and hardness of floors.
  • It includes a partition function to ensure privacy.
  • It is safe because it is light and soft enough to be assembled easily even by children or the elderly.
  • The independent bubble structure does not absorb water, so water spills can be wiped away.
  • It can be secured to walls and used as cushioning material at times other than evacuation, eliminating the need for a special storage space.


Further Development of High-Performance Foam

Mr. Habu of Furukawa Electric’s Technology Development Department, Functional Plastics Products Division had the following to say.

"Our aim is to achieve a variety of advanced functions by filling the base resin with functional material to produce foam. However, foam may not form well depending on the compatibility of the materials, and this requires advanced technology and a high level of experience to develop and manufacture stable products. Furukawa Electric has developed a unique method of concentrating antiviral agent on the surface of foam sheets to produce antiviral foam.
In the future, we plan to develop high-performance foams with a variety of functions by integrating high-performance resin technologies such as high filling, bubble control, functional expression, and processing.
By identifying the true needs of our customers through dialogue, and matching these needs with Furukawa Electric's core technologies, we have discovered that foam products represent a material with enormous potential. We will continue to advance our foam technology to realize a wide range of high-performance foam, and strive to develop products that support safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyles. "


(note1) Antiviral performance

Test result: After 24 hours, suppression of 99% or more of the initial influenza virus (Type A H1N1) was confirmed.

This is the verification result obtained from an antiviral test which involved leaving a test plate at 25°C for 24 hours. The test procedure was carried out in accordance with ISO18184. The test result was obtained by a third party organization, and is not a guaranteed value. Furthermore, the same result is not necessarily obtained for all viruses.