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Development of KANZACC-EMIC-One, a cable for noncontact battery-charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs)

November 11, 2011


KYOWA ELECTRIC WIRE CO., LTD. (Head Office: Osaka-shi; President: Hisakazu Ishibashi), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has recently developed a buried high frequency current supply cable called KANZACC-EMIC-One for use in noncontact battery-charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs) (patent pending).

A noncontact battery-charging system supplies electricity to an EV without physical contact using a cable or connector. It allows a vehicle to be recharged by simply parking it in a location where a power transmission unit is embedded, for example in a shopping mall parking lot or at a traffic junction.

Kyowa Electric Wire's KANZACC-EMIC-One is a cable that supplies high frequency strong current from a power panel of the noncontact battery-charging system to the primary coil on the side facing the ground. It utilizes multicore insulated wires as a conductor to ensure efficient supply, and controls the increase in AC resistance caused by the skin effect. Since the cable is buried underground, its entire outer circumference is encased in a corrugated metal pipe for protection. To improve workability when laying the cable, it is fitted with a connector in the terminal and is a standard size for sale in packages. The first examples will be shipped from this November, with the aim of achieving sales of 100 million yen in fiscal 2013.

Noncontact battery-charging system and Buried high frequency current supply cable


A corrugated cable that uses multicore insulated wires as its conductor and that is encased in a corrugated metal pipe.


  1. Because it features multicore insulated wires, it improves the increase in AC resistance due to the skin effect generated in a single-wire conductor. As a result, it helps to limit the increase in conductor temperature, improves efficiency, and contributes to downsizing and energy saving of the equipment in use.
  2. Because the cable is encased in a corrugated metal pipe, it can be safely buried underground.
  3. Because the terminal of the multicore insulated wires is fitted with a connector, it is very easy to lay the cable.

Outline of Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

Established January, 1920
Paid-in capital 720,755,000 yen
Representative Representative Director & President, Hisakazu Ishibashi
Number of employees 100
Location of head office 1-9, Dojimahama 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka
Main products Electric wires and cables, Plated products, Corrugated metal pipes
Shareholding ratio of Furukawa Electric 99.9% (as of March, 2011)

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