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Bound to Inoovate

Furukawa Electric Establishes New Corporate Message

The fundamental principle of Furukawa Electric is to help create an affluent and sustainable society by developing the seeds of innovation that we have been planting throughout our history. We have adopted a new corporate message to reflect our commitment to constantly innovate in every aspect to achieve this principle.

The structure of the message

  • "Bound to" has three key meanings. First, it means moving forward vigorously with clear objectives. Next, it means clearly identifying the right direction and starting in that direction. Finally, and above all, it has the meaning of acting on decisions without fail.
  • "Innovate" means innovation not only in single products and technologies, but also innovation in operations and institutions, as well as in the overall systems that support those products and technologies.


The red arrow represents the zeal and dynamism needed to move to a higher stage with a hop, skip and jump some 123 years after Furukawa Electric was founded.

Our goal is to contribute to customers, shareholders, local communities and broader society as a true value creating company through a process of constant and comprehensive reform driven by innovation, the very essence of Furukawa Electric.

"Bound to Innovate - Commitment to Innovation."

This is the message we want to convey to you all.

Keep your eyes on the Furukawa Electric Group going forward.

October 3, 2007

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Bound to Innovate

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