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Certification for BS25999, Business Continuity Management System obtained for Optical Semiconductor Device Business

February 22, 2011

On January 24, 2011, Furukawa Electric acquired Business Continuity Management System (BCSM) certification from BSI Group Japan K.K.(note 1) for its Optical Semiconductor Device business under the BS25999 international de-facto standard for business continuity(note 2), making it the first company in the electrical wiring industry in Japan to acquire this certification.

Background to certification registration

In April 2008, the Furukawa Group established a project team to set out a business continuity plan (BCP) for coping with large-scale earthquakes, and in FY2008 developed a BCP for the backbone operations of the Head Office and major operations for the Chiba Works. In FY2009, it assembled the BCP with completion of earthquake-resistance analysis of the infrastructure in all domestic works.
In July 2010, a committee was also established to promote cross-sectional companywide business continuity management (BCM) activities, and a structure was set up to promote BCM throughout the company.

Contents of Certification

The Optical Semiconductor Device business, which obtained certification, handles telecommunication-use semiconductor module products for domestic and overseas communication equipment manufacturers and telecommunications operators, which are essential in establishing high-speed, high-capacity telecommunications networks, a vital aspect of public infrastructure. For this business, a BCP was established in FY2008, and we continue to conduct improvement activities in response to the requirements of our customers both inside and outside Japan.
The Furukawa group has recently been at the receiving end of a variety of requests to our major businesses from domestic and overseas customers regarding business continuity. In response, we have selected one of our major businesses, the Optical Semiconductor Device business, which has a unique strategic product lineup, and conducted reviews and improvements in line with the BS25999 standards; and we were recognized as conforming with the certification standards, which lead to the certification.

Future schedule

The Furukawa group intends to further expand the scope of certification, as a corporate body providing products that our customers can reliably use, increasing corporate value through BCM activities.


(Note 1) BSI Group Japan K.K. : When radio The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the world's oldest national standards body, established in 1901 with the support of the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. The BSI Group Japan K.K. is the Japanese subsidiary of BSI.

(Note 2) BS25999: Business Continuity Management System Standards : BS25999 is a standard for indicating the capacity to respond to threats against business continuity by minimizing the effects of suspension of business due to disaster, epidemics, and other such influences affecting an organization. BSI announced Part 1, the "Code of Practice," in November 2006, and Part 2, "Specifications," in November 2007.

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