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Furukawa Electric Group's Comprehensive Technology Exhibition Held in Shanghai, China
~ Furukawa accelerates its global expansion Disseminating the world's top products and technologies to China and the entire world ~

July 27, 2011

FURUKAWA Innovation Expo 2011 in Shanghai, the Furukawa Electric Group's comprehensive technology exhibition, was held in Shanghai, China (Shanghai World Financial Center) on July 22.


Amid the ongoing depression of the domestic market, we need to increase our percentage of overseas sales to expand our commercial rights. Our Group held its third overseas comprehensive technology exhibition with the aim of facilitating our expansion into overseas markets, mainly rising nations. This was the final exhibition in our series of exhibitions in Asia, following the first one in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2009 and the second one in Shenzhen, China in 2010.



Technical seminar
Technical seminar

To facilitate our global strategy, the international city of Shanghai was chosen as the venue for our latest exhibition for disseminating the world's top products and technologies, our global expansion and future plans to China and the entire world. With "environment" as the keyword, we and the 29 affiliates, including the 17 local corporations, divided 85 panel exhibits of products and technology into four different categories(note 1). The exhibition also featured keynote speeches by our president, CMO and CTO regarding our strategy, as well as a technical seminar titled "The Superconductivity Technologies of Furukawa Electric."

The exhibition attracted 1105 visitors, a far greater number than we had expected. These visitors came from many different types of business, including electronics, automobiles, information communication, infrastructure, banks and general trading companies. Mr. Hiroyasu Izumi, the Consul-General of Japan in Shanghai, gave a congratulatory speech as the guest of honor.

In particular, the visitors' attention was captured by aluminum material for automobile heat exchangers, Heat Pipe Heat Sinks and other energy-saving merchandise.

We will continue to work toward becoming a true global company by facilitating what we call "Out-out business," namely exporting products directly to overseas markets from overseas manufacturing hubs, rather than via Japan.


(Note 1)Four different categories : energy/construction, optical communications/networks, electronics and transportation

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