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Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletricos(FISA)

FISA News Release

Furukawa Supports Brazilian Culture
Network infrastructure manufacturer is one of the contributors at the Curitiba Theatre Festival - 2012 edition

February 2, 2012

São Paulo, 2nd February 2012 - A leader in communication network infrastructure nationwide, Furukawa will be one of the contributing companies at the 21st Curitiba Theatre Festival, the largest showcase for actors and theatre companies in Brazil and abroad, which takes place at the end of March this year in the Paraná capital.

“Furukawa organizes more and more marketing events that promote national culture and supporting the Curitiba Theatre Festival is an example of one such event. It is also a way we found to give our host city back all the support we have received since we first came here 34 years ago,” says Esmeralda Rodrigues, Furukawa's marketing manager.

Innovative and authentic, Curitiba Theatre Festival year after year houses companies from different Brazilian states and abroad, therefore concentrating enormous artistic and human diversity in the city. More than three thousand shows have helped build the history of this great event, which has accommodated almost 2 million people since its beginning. Among theatres and other traditional venues, the national culture will also make its presence felt at the stalls, streets, town squares, and bars in Curitiba.

About Furukawa(FISA)

A manufacturer that produces structured cabling solutions and optical networks; Open New Window.Furukawa (FISA) is a national leader in cabling across the Mercosul region and is developing an increasing presence in Latin America. A Japanese company that has been in the Brazilian market for 37 years with its head office and plant in Curitiba, Paraná, as well as factories in São Paulo and Argentina.

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