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Information on the Resumption of Production at IT-Related Subsidiary Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

February 7, 2012

Furukawa Electric is announcing information about the state of recovery and the planned resumption of manufacturing at Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“FFT,” hereafter), which suffered flood damage in the flooding that occurred in Thailand last October.

  1. Items Produced:
    IT-related equipment (semiconductor lasers for optical communications, FTTH optical components, etc.)
  2. Recovery Status
    Electricity, water supply and sewage services have been restored, and preparations to restore building and manufacturing equipment are underway.
    In addition to measures by the Rojana Industrial Park as a whole, FFT also plans to implement its own flood countermeasures.
  3. Planned Resumption of Manufacturing
    From the end of November last year, alternate production began at Furukawa Electric’s Chiba Works and subsidiary companies in Japan and overseas.
    As part of these efforts, a subsidiary of the Furukawa Electric Group in Dongguan, China was positioned as a second production base for FTTH optical components (branching components, connectors, etc.) prior to the outbreak of flooding, with plant and equipment investment proceeding in the time since. In the interests of spreading risk, production is expected to continue in this manner in the future.
    The manufacture of other items will be sequentially resumed at FFT beginning March this year.

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