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Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletricos(FISA)

FISA News Release

Increase in Demand for Furukawa Courses
FCP Fibre Optics and Data Cabling System are the most sought-after. Besides Brazil, the manufacturer already gives courses - in Spanish - in four South American countries

February 9, 2012

São Paulo, 9th February 2012 - Furukawa announces, through its Marketing Department, that its FCPs Courses had a 15,4% growth in the number of networking professionals that were trained and certified by this brand in 2011. In total, it was 4.375 professionals from Brazil and abroad between the ages of 22 and 45. Most of these professionals already work in IT and are looking to upgrade their skills and gain new knowledge so as to be better equipped for demand in the infrastructure networking segment.

Currently, Furukawa has six courses running in the Brazilian market: Data Cabling System, FCP, FCP Master, FCP Optical Fiber, FTTx - Topology and Project and Network UpDate. These courses are available at the 16 credited Training Centres spread around major Brazilian cities. In the national market, the greatest demand is in São Paulo, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Porto Alegre. The biggest growth between the courses was Fibre-optics and Network UpDate, obtaining 48,89% and 32,6%, respectively.


In South America, three Furukawa courses (Data Cabling System, FCP Master and FCP Fibre Optics) are already taught in Spanish by accredited partners with the brand in Argentina (2), Bolivia (1), Chile (1) and Paraguay (1). In those countries, 211 professionals received training and were certified by the manufacturer. The course that enjoyed the greatest demand was Data Cabling System with 72,12% of the participants.

For further information about the training offered by Furukawa access:Open New

About Furukawa(FISA)

A manufacturer that produces structured cabling solutions and optical networks; Open New Window.Furukawa (FISA) is a national leader in cabling across the Mercosul region and is developing an increasing presence in Latin America. A Japanese company that has been in the Brazilian market for 37 years with its head office and plant in Curitiba, Paraná, as well as factories in São Paulo and Argentina.

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