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Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletricos(FISA)

FISA News Release

Furukawa Alerts Channels and Users to Importance of ANATEL Certification in Telecommunication Network products
Sale and use of non-certified products brings consequences to the entire value chain

February 16, 2012

São Paulo, 16th February 2012 - Furukawa is campaigning together with its channels and customers in Brazil to reinforce the importance of using telecommunication products approved by ANATEL. The manufacturer warns of the consequences that result from the spread of non-certified products sold in the national market and points out the guarantees given by the regulatory agency to users regarding the purchase and use of these communication network solutions that respect minimum standards of quality and safety, apart from the regulation of technical functions.

“When a product that is subject to ANATEL certification is purchased and used without the Agency's seal of approval, sanctions are enforced, ranging from a warning to confiscation. This measure applies to the manufacturer, telecommunications service providers, suppliers, distributors, anyone else responsible for supplying or distributing these products, and any other user. The campaign we are running is to reassure our customers and partners that the Furukawa brand only operates in conformity with all the rules and regulations that are in force in the country because it believes such requirements are of the utmost importance to be able to provide quality technology responsibly,” says Helio Durigan, Furukawa's engineering manager. According to Durigan, all products that basically make up the telecommunications infrastructure are subject to certification - fiber optic cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables, data transmission cables, electronic components, equipment, accessories, telecommunications and information technology parts, and spares - and Furukawa is in conformity with all of these. The certification issued by ANATEL is carried out by designated certification organs (called OCDs) and the Agency's role is to issue the act of approval, a procedure through which it verifies the certificates of conformity or accepts telecommunications products declaration of conformity. To avoid any problem, the consumer should consult the Sistema de Gestão de Certificação e Homologação (SGCH) (Certification and Approval Management System) and check if the product is properly approved and certified before buying it.

About Furukawa(FISA)

A manufacturer that produces structured cabling solutions and optical networks; Open New Window.Furukawa (FISA) is a national leader in cabling across the Mercosul region and is developing an increasing presence in Latin America. A Japanese company that has been in the Brazilian market for 37 years with its head office and plant in Curitiba, Paraná, as well as factories in São Paulo and Argentina.

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