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OFS Announces New Dispersion Slope Compensating Module for Cable Television Networks

September 17, 2012

ECOC 2012, Stand 335, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17. September, 2012 - OFS, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative fiber optic network products, today announced the launch of its new dispersion slope compensating module (DSCM) for the cable television (CATV) market. This is just the latest product addition to OFS' broad DSCM portfolio, with a corporate heritage in DSCMs going back to 1996.

Advantages of OFS' DSCM line include:

  • Wave length flexibility
  • Zero polarization dependent loss (PDL)
  • Smooth slope dispersion compensation
  • Flexibility in packaging with both spool or boxed spool offerings
  • Excellent optical performance

Optical communication networks need to overcome the distortion caused by chromatic dispersion (CD), and this means that dispersion compensation is still a critical requirement for operating certain network architectures We recognize the strategic need for many network operators to still provide a large number of lower speed optical links with the transition underway to higher speed such as 40G and 100G. These lower speed links can be aggregated or mixed with new higher speed links turned up for service. In addition, in CATV networks based on Dense Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Passive Optical Networks (DWDM-PON) CD can also severely limit the maximum reach to the subscriber base. Furthermore, chirp dispersion from low cost directly modulated lasers results in shorter allowable transmission distances compared to the distance calculated by the loss budget. Even with the advent of newer transmission technologies, CD remains an issue which OFS seeks to address with its new DSCM module.

With new mainstream applications such as high definition television (HDTV), content streaming including live broadcasts and real-time gaming, there is now an increased consumer demand for high quality services. Optical dispersion compensation allows these operators to take full advantage of the available optical bandwidth. “CATV networks can now improve their subscribers viewing experience with the OFS DSCM CATV module by delivering high quality video services and HD content over long transmission lengths,” said Mimi Eggert-Hansen, Product Marketing Manager, OFS.

About OFS

OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, FTTX, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products. Our manufacturing and research divisions work together to provide innovative products and solutions that traverse many different applications as they link people and machines worldwide. Between continents, between cities, around neighborhoods, and into homes and businesses of digital consumers we provide the right optical fiber, optical cable and components for efficient, cost-effective transmission.

OFS' corporate lineage dates back to 1876 and includes technology powerhouses such as AT&T and Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent). Today, OFS is owned by Furukawa Electric, a multi-billion dollar global leader in optical communications.

Headquartered in Norcross (near Atlanta) Georgia, U.S., OFS is a global provider with facilities in Avon, Connecticut; Carrollton, Georgia; Somerset, New Jersey; and Sturbridge, Massachusetts, as well as in Denmark, Germany, Russia and China.

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PR Contacts:

Sherry Salyer
OFS Public Relations
(770) 798-4210

OFS Technical Contact:

Mimi Eggert-Hansen
Product Marketing Manager

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