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Delivery of high-withstand voltage rectangular wires for the Aqua compact hybrid vehicle
~ Contributing to the miniaturization of EV and HV drive motors ~

June 21, 2012

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Furukawa Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Fumikazu Sano; hereinafter “FMGW”) have jointly developed rectangular wires with a high dielectric breakdown voltage.

High-withstand voltage rectangular wires are effective in motors with a higher design voltage than that of existing motors, and are applicable to drive motors for electric and hybrid vehicles. They have been invented as wires that will help to miniaturize such vehicles. The wires have been adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation for its compact hybrid vehicle model branded the Aqua. At the end of last year, Furukawa Electric and FMGW commenced the mass production and shipment of the wires.



As shown in the diagram on the right, the wire is composed of a rectangular conductor, an enamel layer and an extruded resin layer.

Relationship between film thickness and electric characteristics

  • Conventional enamel wires were subject to limitations on coat thickness due to baking coating process quality. The insulation film thickness was not able to exceed around 50 micrometers.
  • This product incorporates a highly heat-resistant enamel wire as a base, over which an extruded resin layer is formed to provide a high degree of flexibility to the insulating layer of up to 100 micrometers in thickness. It supports a high dielectric breakdown voltage according to requirements.
  • It is suitable for automotive drive motors from which a particularly high level of insulation performance and reliability is required.

Features and advantages

  • Advanced insulation characteristics open the way for application to high voltage drive purposes. By omitting the inter-layer insulation paper, they contribute to the shortening of the process and the downsizing of equipment.
  • A rectangular shape means a high space factor. It leads to enhanced efficiency and reduced weight.
  • A highly heat-resistant enamel layer provides the wires with excellent heat resistance and reliability.

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