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Development of Small and Lightweight Stand Kicker Heat Pipe Radiator for High-Power LED

August 23, 2012

NTEC Co., Ltd.

NTEC Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken; President: Junji Sotani; 100% subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.; hereinafter “NTEC”), has developed a small and lightweight heat pipe radiator called the Stand Kicker, offering high-power LED. Use of this product will facilitate cooling of large-sized lighting equipment and projectors using high-luminance-power LED installed in high locations.


With expectations growing for LED as a trump card for energy conservation, its applications are growing increasingly broad each day. Use is expected to grow in commercial applications that require high luminance, such as in large-sized lighting equipment and UV exposure devices. LED is a solid-state device that emits light when electrons recombine with the electron holes, but 80% of the power consumed is lost as heat. Heat loss is dissipated from the device itself but the device is characteristically extremely weak against heat. The luminance efficiency of LED decreases with the rise in LED temperature. Related components, such as packages, also deteriorate with heat and their luminance will decrease and life will shorten; therefore heat dissipation is a vital factor.

In household LED lighting, generated heat is a few watts, and simple measures such as die-cast fins are sufficient. However, to replace high ceiling lighting with LED lighting, such as in factories, gymnasiums, auditoriums or stages, the generated heat from the surface of the LED light, with an equivalent illumination intensity of a 600W class mercury lamp, for example, will be around 150W. And in outdoor lighting (stadiums, airports, highways, etc.) where 1kW class mercury lamps are used, there will be more than 300W of heat generated.

Since this lighting is frequently used in high locations, it had been difficult to use conventional extruded materials or die-cast fins to dissipate heat, since the radiator is too large and heavy for commercial use. It was essential to develop a small and lightweight radiator with high performance under a new concept that would efficiently dissipate heat without fans, to realize lighting devices with long life and high reliability for the abovementioned uses.

Product details

Photo of Stand Kicker heat pipe radiator for LED lighting
Stand Kicker heat pipe radiator for LED lighting

By combining a thermally superconductive “heat pipe” (note 1) with longitudinal fins suited for natural convection cooling, NTEC has developed the lightweight (50% lighter than solid heat sink) and small (30% smaller than solid heat sink) Stand Kicker high-performance radiator that enables cooling by natural convection.

The heat pipes are arranged on the heat receiving base plate for mounting the LED device that extends at almost a right angle with some space between the multiple aluminum heat dissipating fins placed longitudinally in the direction of the heat pipes. By effectively joining the longitudinal fins with the heat pipe thermally, a small, lightweight natural system of convection cooling has been achieved. Related patents have already been applied for.

The newly developed Stand Kicker comes in various shapes to accommodate LED heat generation of 100-1,000W.

NTEC will design, prototype and commercially manufacture various Stand Kicker heat pipe radiators that meet the requirements of customers.

Supplementary information

(note 1)Heat pipe:
This is also called a thermal superconductor. It is a heat transfer device using the phase transition of fluid sealed under a vacuum within a container, and is used to cool and dissipate heat in space rockets, communications equipment and mobile equipment (laptop computers, game consoles, etc.). Back to Main Conten

Please direct all inquiries regarding this product to the following

Second Sales and Technology Department, NTEC Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-046-268-7444

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