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Furukawa Electric Launches Roof-Affixing Parts for Plafleky Products
- Jointly develops parts for affixing pipes used in solar power generation -

May 22, 2012

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Photovol・Tec Inc. (head office: Ibaraki City, Osaka; Representative Director: Sadao Nishijima), and Hirata Industries, Ltd. (head office: Osaka City; President and Representative Director: Ken Inoue) have jointly developed parts for attaching pipes used with solar power generation systems to house roofs.

Background and description

PF (Plastic flexible) conduits have mainly been used with solar power generation systems for houses. Furukawa Electric has released the highly durable Plafleky PFD High-Quality Black, which is well suited for black roofs and is widely appreciated, yet there has been no dedicated part for roof-attachment of PF pipes, and demand has persisted for easy-to-handle affixing parts that do not harm the roof. Therefore, jointly with Photovol・Tec Inc., a company strongly experienced in roofs for Japanese houses and outstanding in design and construction, and Hirata Industries, Ltd., which handles a range of processed sheet metal products for houses, we have developed roof-affixing parts (note 1). Two types are available to suit the type of roof: one for Color Best roofing materials and the other for Japanese and Western roofing tiles, in four sizes from φ16 to φ36. The scheduled release date is May 28. These products will be exhibited at JECA FAIR 2012, the 60th Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair, to be held in Osaka starting May 30.

(note 1)The patents relating to the product (no. 4878402 and no. 4885321) are jointly owned by Photovol・Tec Inc., Hirata Industries Ltd., and our subsidiary Furukawa Industrial Plastics Co., Ltd., or by our company and Furukawa Industrial Plastics Co., Ltd.

For Color Best roofing materials
PFS-__ LCB-K for Color Best roofing materials

For Japanese and Western roof tiles
PFS-__LK-K for Japanese and Western roof tiles

Product features

  • Can be attached easily and securely after roofing has completed, without harming the roof
  • Versatile in that they can be applied on diverse types of roofs
  • Highly durable, wear-resistant color steel plating used in the sheet plate section
  • Clip section can be adjusted 360 degrees

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