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Speech by President Mitsuyoshi Shibata at the FY2012 Initiation Ceremony

April 2, 2012

Congratulations on joining Furukawa Electric. I also took office on April 1 and will start anew, as if I were also a new employee just like you.
In my new role, I will be taking the lead in advancing reforms of the Company’s businesses and culture. I have recently spoken about them to your senior colleagues. You will gain valuable experience by acting on opportunities that arise from these reforms. I have three requests to ask of you today. The first request relates to what I have just said.

I would like you to grow by learning avidly from your experiences at the Company. Just because you are new doesn’t mean that you should work aimlessly by just doing what you are told to do by your senior colleagues. Work inside and outside of the Company involves a treasure trove of people, events, and attitudes. I expect you to learn from them and improve yourself. Your growth will help the Company to develop.
What I mean by learning is that you should digest your experiences and sort them out as your knowledge and thoughts. It is important, for the future, that you find meaning as well as generalize your experiences and use them in the future, instead of accepting them as they are. It is also important that you embrace your youthful spirit and unique ideas while keeping your individuality.

Second, I would like you to understand that if a cog in the wheel is missing, the Company does not work. Many people say, “I am just a cog in the wheel.” However, the role of a cog is to mesh with other cogs, to transmit power and to generate force. If a cog is missing or does not work, the wheel does not work. Each cog is important.
You have become a member of the Company and are expected to act responsibly as an important cog. The workplace where you will be working operates on a tight budget, and people are expecting you to help improve the workplace. I would like you to understand that and to have the will to work proactively.

Thirdly, I would like you to stay safe and healthy and to enjoy your work. The Furukawa Electric greeting is “Stay safe.” There is naturally some possibility of accidents in the manufacturing industry.
There are causes, or seeds, of accidents. The seeds will cause accidents if they are combined with carelessness. Don’t forget to improve the manufacturing equipment you use, work procedures, and working conditions in your workplace and raise the safety awareness of you and the people around you.
Maintaining your physical and mental health as a foundation for work is one of the important contributions to the Company. If you contribute to the Company and help improve its results, you will gain a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction stemming from your growth. You may face challenges and barriers, but I call on you to enjoy them: this is the trick to enjoying corporate life. Devise your own ways to enjoy the challenges while keeping your personality and individuality in mind.

Starting this fiscal year, I will ask all employees to keep their essence, real feelings, and seriousness in mind. There is a poem called Honki (seriousness) by Aida Mitsuo. It says that if you are serious about doing things, you may have a tough time but will feel pleasure and exhilaration after you have done them. The three terms—essence, real feelings, and seriousness—are simple, but they will feel more profound over time. I would like you to take the lead in promoting the Furukawa way: pursue essence, express your real feelings, and be serious about what you do.
Our logo “Bound to Innovate”(note) is our corporate message. After a hop and a step, there is a quantum leap. The line and dynamic design represent each of you. I conclude my message of encouragement to you, as new employees, by expressing my expectation that you take a giant and energetic leap, as suggested by the design of the logo, befitting the young people that you are.

(Note)For further information, visit Open New Window.

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