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Furukawa Electric Group's Comprehensive Technology Exhibition Held in Jakarta, Indonesia ~ Furukawa aims to expand its business territory and enhance its presence in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries ~

July 20, 2012

The FURUKAWA Innovation Expo 2012, the Furukawa Electric Group's comprehensive technology exhibition, was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 10, 2012.


Technology Exhibition
Technology Exhibition

To expand our business territory in global growth markets, Furukawa Electric Group has been implementing activities to increase its overseas sales ratio to 50%. With the aim of facilitating our expansion into overseas markets, mainly emerging countries, we held our fourth comprehensive overseas technology exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, following the first exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2009, and the second and third ones in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China.


Presentation of Innovation Expo by President
Presentation of Innovation Expo by President

With the fourth largest population in the world (approx. 240 million) and a wealth of natural resources, Indonesia has been enjoying rapid growth. Electricity, transportation, and communications infrastructures are expected to develop in the country along with the expansion of the automobile and motorcycle industries. Together with PT SCACO Tbk(note 1), a key business partner of the Furukawa Group for 40 years, and our 26 Group companies, including six local subsidiaries, we exhibited panels and introduced 56 new products and technologies in three fields: environment and energy, automobile electronics, and telecommunications. The event also included a keynote speech by the president of the company and a seminar introducing relevant technologies.

The exhibition attracted approximately 500 visitors, more than we had expected. Attendees came from many different business areas, including electric power, energy infrastructure, automobiles, electronics, telecommunications, and finance. A representative from the Japanese embassy in Indonesia gave a laudatory speech as the guest of honor.

In particular, visitors' attention was captured by our bus ducts and conduit products, copper and aluminum wires, power cables, and FTTH products related to transmission infrastructure.

We will continue to work toward becoming a truly global company by facilitating what we call "out-out business," namely, exporting products directly to overseas markets from overseas manufacturing hubs, rather than via Japan, mainly in emerging countries in the ASEAN region and BRIC countries.

PT SCACO Tbk. was established in 1970, and we have been providing technology transfer to the company since 1972. PT SCACO Tbk is currently the largest cable manufacturer in Indonesia.Back to Main Conten

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